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Vidit Lucem Magnum

(A Christmas Motet) 2015
For unaccomapnied choir

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Exodus Fragment

30 minutes
SATB soloists, mixed chorus and orchestra : *20*20 4* 2(+Ram's Horns)000 T+P Org Hp Strings

Commissioned by Lloyd's Choir and premièred with Isis Ensemble and soloists Marie Vassiliou, Mae Heydorn, Mark Wilde and Robert Rice conducted by Jacques Cohen


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Prelude 49

7 minutes
for vibraphone and strings

First performance given at Baltais Fligelis, Sigulda, Latvia by Andrei Pushkarev and Kremerata Baltica conducted by Jacques Cohen.   UK premiere given by Dame Evelyn Glennie at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London with the Isis Ensemble conducted by Jacques Cohen

Score and parts available from Norsk Musikforlag

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Love Journeys

20 minutes
for soprano and strings (minimum 64442)
in 8 movements

First performance given at Southbank Centre by Marie Vassiliou and Isis Ensemble conducted by Jacques Cohen

Score and parts available from Norsk Musikforlag

Hymnus Universalus

For unaccomapnied choir

Nun danket alle Gott

8 minutes
String Quartet

Commissioned by Paul and David Delve for the Fitzwilliam Quartet.
Première 3 April 2014, St Mary's Church, Walthamstow, London

Adventures in Twilight

50 minutes
Symphony for Large Orchestra : 
*3*3*3*3 4*431 3T+5 2Hp Strings


For unaccompanied choir


5 minutes
Brass Quintet

Commissioned by Onyx Brass. Premiere at King's Place, May 2013

The Lady of Satis House

35 minutes
Operatic Monodrama for Soprano and String Quartet

Premièred at the Riverside Studios as part of the Tete-a-tete opera festival by Marie Vassiliou (soprano) and the Piatti Quartet, directed by Joe Austin with set design by Emily Harwood
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Carsington Water

5 minutes

Comissioned by Rachel Bolton and performed by Equinox and Isis Ensemble

Rachmaninov: Prelude Opus 3, No.2

4 minutes

632 isis bookletsmlPremièred by Isis Ensemble/Jacques Cohen.
Also performed by Sofia Soloists/ Plamen Djurov

Recorded on Transcriptions for Strings
CD on Meridian

I Saw three Ships

For unaccompanied choir

In Flanders Fields

4 minutes
Unaccompanied choir

Commissioned by Lloyd's Choir

Away in a Manger : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Away_in_a_Manger.mp3"]
I Saw Three Ships : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/I_Saw_Three_Ships.mp3"]
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Cohen's Carols

13 Original Compositions and Arrangements, for choir, both accompanied and unaccompanied.

Published by Norsk Musikforlag
Carols include:
Away in a Manger
Bell Carol
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind
A Christmas Canon
Coventry Carol
Cradle Song (Thornesian Prizewinner)
Isaiah Introit
Jingle Bells
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
O Magnum Misterium
That Yonge Childe
12 Days of Xmas
I Wonder as I Wander

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Passion Fragment - The Denial of St Peter

30 minutes
SATB soloists, mixed chorus and orchestra : 0*202 0*230 T+P Org H'chord Strings

Commissioned by Lloyd's Choir and premiered with Isis Ensemble/Jacques Cohen

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

35 minutes
strings (minimum 64442)

632 isis bookletsmlPremièred by Isis Ensemble/Jacques Cohen
Score and Orchestral parts available from Norsk Musikforlag

Performed by numerous orchestras and extensively toured by Kremerata Baltica

Recorded on Transcriptions for Strings CD on Meridian

Castle Lament

4 minutes
for Piano Quartet

Commissioned by the Primrose Piano Quartet
Toured and recorded in 2009 on Meridian disc CDE 84586

London Premiere at Kings Place February 2010

Snowflakes on St Stephen's

3 minutes
for orchestra : 
*2222 2211 T+1 Hp Strings

Commissioned by City of Oxford Orchestra who gave 1st 4 performances conducted by Jacques Cohen

How goodly are thy tents

3 minutes
for unaccompanied choir

Commissioned by Hertford Chapel Choir and performed by several choirs, Oxford (2009)

Brahms: First Clarinet Sonata

Arrangement for solo clarinet and strings

632 isis bookletsmlPremièred by Isis Ensemble/Jacques Cohen with Sarah Williamson and performed subsequently with Anna Hashimoto

Recorded on Transcriptions for StringsCD on Meridian

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15 minutes
Fantasia on a Traditional Jewish Theme for Strings

561_isis1st Performance by Isis Ensemble/Jacques Cohen, further performances by Sofia Soloists, Yehudi Menuhin Orchestra (on tour) and Hertfordhire Chamber Orchestra

Recorded on Music for Strings CD on Meridian

The Ecchoing Green : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/The_Ecchoing_Green.mp3"]
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Songs of Innocence and Experience

37 minutes
Setting words by William Blake
(The Tyger and the Lamb; The Ecchoing Green; The Sick Rose; Spring; A Poison Tree)
Mezzo Soprano and boy treble soloists, mixed chorus, orchestra 
002*(Eb)2* 0230 T/Perc Org Strings

Commissioned by Lloyd's Choir. Movements also performed by other groups

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10 minutes
for band

Commissioned by Phillip Scott for the National Youth Wind Ensemble of Great Britain 
Performed several times by NYWE and Kent County Youth Wind Orchestra

II Lullaby : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Seranade_for_Sax_2.mp3"]
III Rondo : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Seranade_for_Sax_3.mp3"]

Serenade for Saxophones

15 minutes
for Saxophone Quartet
(3 movements) 
I Preludium 
II Lullaby 
III Rondo

Commissioned by the Northern Saxophone Quartet 
Premiered in October 2005

Jubilate Deo

5 minutes
for choir and organ or orchestra : 
3332 4221 T+2 Hp Strings

Commissioned and performed by Berkhamsted Choral Society

Udny Air

3 minutes
for String Trio

Commissioned and performed by Edinburgh Quartet and several times by Primrose Piano Quartet

Three Shakespeare Songs

10 minutes
for unaccompanied choir

Premièred by Lloyd's Choir

Magic Potions

opera in one act (work in progress)

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Golden Arrow : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Golden_Arrow.mp3"]
Alan-a-Dale : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Allan-A-Dale.mp3"]
Duel : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Duel.mp3"]

Three Nottingham Dances

16 minutes
for orchestra :  
*3*3*3*3 4331 T+4/5 Hp Cel Strings
(Golden Arrow - Allan a dale - Duel)

Commissioned by Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra
1st and 2nd Performances given by Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra/ Jacques Cohen

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Serenata Malinconica

7 minutes
for small orchestra : Solo Cello or Vln or Vla 2222 2000 Glock Strings

Commissioned by Hounslow Youth Orchestra
Subsequently performed by Helix Ensemble, Hertfordshire Philharmonia, etc

Drink to me only : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Drink_to_Me_Only.mp3"]
Tum-balalaika : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Tum-Balalaika.mp3"]
Blow the wind Southerly : [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Blow_the_Wind_Southerly.mp3"]

Three Folk Song Arrangements

10 minutes
for unaccompanied choir

Elegy on a Floating Chord

12 minutes
for orchestra : *2222 2200 T Strings

Commissioned by Oxford University Chamber Orchestra 

First and Second Performances given by Oxford University Chamber Orchestra in New York and subsequently performed by Isis Ensemble, Oxford Sinfonia, Surrey Sinfonietta, Composers' Orchestral Project, Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra, Kew Sinfonia, Hertfordshire Chamber Orchestra, Helix Ensemble and Bucharest Radio Orchestra who also broadcast it.
Winner, Surrey Sinfonietta Composers' Prize (1997)

Fantasias, Canons and Fugues

20 minutes
Strings 86442

1st performance in live broadcast by Bucharest Radio Chamber Orchestra, Romania and subsequently by the Isis Ensemble, and Oxford String Orchestra

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Quiet Music

8 minutes
for orchestra : 
*2*2*22 4231 T P Hp Strings

Over 20 performances by different conductors and orchestras
First Performance given by OUMS Chamber Orchestra/Jacques Cohen
Recorded for BBC film by Isis Ensemble

Score and parts available from Norsk Musikforlag

Listen [sc_embed_player fileurl="http://www.jacquescohen.co.uk/wp/MP3/Quiet_Music.mp3"]

Tuba Concerto

8 minutes
Tuba, Strings

Commissioned by Oren Marshall.
1st Performance, Oxford String Orchestra/Jacques Cohen.

Score and Orchestral parts available from Norsk Musikforlag